sandbag recommendation - how heavy do I need?

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I have a Flashpoint Rovelight 600 monolight. I would like to take it to the beach for engagement photos and wedding photos.
The only problem is that it is a little bit top heavy. The battery is in the head unit itself.
I would like to use the light on a manfrotto light stand and a medium size softbox.

I am just wondering what size of sandbag do I need? What is your recommendation? We often shoot engagement sessions ans wedding portrait sessions on the beach. Wind is an issue.


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    I've stopped using softboxes on the beach for just this reason. Even the slightest breeze will blow any unattended stand over with the poor footing on the stand. I've switched over to a beauty dish and have never looked back.
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    Rather than sandbags I suggest using a sand anchor. Why lug sandbags around when you can just dig in to the sand itself?

    Just screw a couple of these into the sand upwind of each stand you use.
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    I have given up on sandbags, soft boxes, and umbrellas at the beach. The wind is too much of a problem. I suggest beauty dishes or even bare bulb. I use the flashpoint streak light 360 bare bulb, beauty dish, and the diffuser dome. I have tried all kinds of ways to make soft boxes and and umbrellas work but it just doesn't. Too much trouble and you run the embarrassment of playing around with the lights instead of paying attention to subjects. The only time it isn't a pain is when the wind is low but then you have a different look for when it's windy. Regardless if it's windy or calm I do not use soft boxes or umbrellas at the beach because I want a consistent look. I'm a one person show so an assistant is out of the equation.

    I have modified a radio flyer all terrain wagon to have a light stand which is my platform. I use the brackets plumbers use to keep pvc pipes in place on the back of the wagon and then bungee cords wrapped around the side. This is enough to even keep soft boxes in place but again they don't last long against the wind.

    I cut the legs off a stand so I can still adjust the height. A benefit of using the wagon at the beach is keeps my gear off the sand and moms like to put their baby bags in the wagon if I'm doing a family shoot involving infants and toddlers. I used the wagon so much last summer the wheels corroded so just bought the wheelez beach wagon conversion. Has bigger wheels and mounting platform is plastic so it will not corrode. The conversion is expensive but if it saves me from replacing wheels year after year it will be worth it. The wagon has become an essential tool for my photography now.
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