Mini Challenge #220: Into the woods - RESULTS

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So, after looking at all the photo's 4 or 5 times my "short list" came relatively quickly, however the final order took a bit more time. In the end I'm not an experienced photo judge so decided to make the final verdict based on gut feel and how close they were to meeting the "brief" for this mini-challenge.
Before diving in, thanks to everybody who participated. You made my life difficult to pick out the best, but I enjoyed all your different shots and variations on the theme. I decided to comment on all of them, to reward you for the effort of posting them. Don't take my comments too seriously though, they're usually the first thought that came up when looking at the picture, I'm certainly not a professional photo analyst :huh

sarasphotos: the first and second are a bit busy but #3 is excellent, maybe give the colors and contrast a little more pop to improve the impact, but that's a matter of taste. #3 gets a HM

travelways: 1 and 3 are great efforts but #2 takes the cake. A very good composition with strong lines, little distraction and helped by exactly following the brief and a bold PP style #2 gets first place in this mini-challenge. So you get to set up the next mini-challenge

grandmaR: I really like the colours in 1, 2 and 3 are fine but miss a specific focus to grab your attention

GSPeP: The first is nice and simple, love the light in the second which gets a HM, and in the third I find the bright sky a bit distracting

Cavalier: All 3 nice photos. The first doesn't fully follow the brief (lots of empty space and just one tree), the way you used the light in 2 is great and 3 is a very classic way to get order in a busy forest.

fjcvisual: also a nice set, 1 misses a bit of nice light, 2 is more about the mossy rocks then the forest and I like the concept of 3, but for me it could be more blurred/moved.

Earache: Lovely fall colors in 1, nice structure in 2 and 3 has nice trees but isn't a full forest.

kdotaylor: I like the high key treatment of the first for which it gets a HM, the second has a very tranquil mood and the third is a proven and well executed classic

Boogs10712: a nice composition, but the magenta cast doesn't do a lot for the shot

Seefutlung: Innovative and a nice shot, but not along the lines of the brief

sapphire73: Nice light in the first and the colors make the 2nd shot

digitalandfilm: I think the first is more about the lights and the background. The second and third are splendid colors, but are more "tree" then "woods"

lkbart: 3 nice shots with a common theme. The second would have also done well in the recent backlight mini-challenge and therefore gets 3rd place.

synature, good effort, but probably the light let you down a bit in both shots. I like the compositions however.

Photosnapper: Welcome to DGrin and very courageous that your first two posts are immediately diving into a mini-challenge :clap. Both great shots and the first I find the best, the fog adds both mystery as well as depth to the shot. So I award you second place for that.

That's it fellows, feel free to disagree or ask questions about my comments, I'd be more then happy to further explain and hear your own views.

And here is Tatiana's winning entry again, for all of you to enjoy:


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