Desert Dogs K9 Trial

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Had some fun this weekend watching some amazing dogs from police and military competing here in Phoenix. 50+ departments, military, and Mexican police with their dogs.


Little help from my partner.....


Launch and bite !!!

Just a little fun demo, no reason to get too excited.....

Catch me !!!



Fun time and good show, but also keeps it real when you recognize this is their job. K-9 officer told me his department deploys dogs up to 180 times per month!! That is amazing.

One of the military dogs was retiring after this competition. SHE had 4 deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, won a bronze star and distinguished service medal. Her first handler in Iraq was adopting her and taking her home. He came out and the dog immediately went to him and followed him off the field. You could just sense the love and trust between them.


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    I love #6 for the timing and action but #8 is my "emotional" winner.
    You can feel the bond between dog and handler - nice timing/catch

    Really like the tension and buildup of the impending action in #3.
    The dog's eyes are absolutely "locked" on to the target!

    What a wonderful competition - I trust you had a great time!
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    Thanks. Yes, I could see the dogs looking at their handlers and finally caught one at the right time and angle. This is a big game for the dogs and they love to play. Your typical burglar might not think it is 'play', but that is his problem.

    We go every year, always fun to watch those dogs up close. thumb.gif
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