Mini Challenge #226: Machinery: RESULTS

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Thanks for entering your photo's in this challenge, it seems it attracted a below average number of entries but so be it. Probably the subject wasn't too exciting for many. Also I wasn't around to try and promote it, which might have something to do with it as well.

So here's some comments:

I like this one a lot, great post-processing and the shape contrast between the jagged tree and smooth windmill gives great tension in the image: 2nd place

Impressive machine and I like the man driving it. Maybe a few too many distractions in the background.

Lovely picture, even though the machines are far away you can see they're huge and impressive. Nice colours and composition so this one is my pick for 1st place

Hard to pick a favorite from your set, but finally settled for this one, it has an airy feeling to it and it's clear it's a well maintained piece of machinery. But to be fair it was a toss-up with your plane picture.

Great use of lines and colour in this shot and another impressive piece of older machinery. Have you considered flipping it so it gets mirrored and the lines of the drive rods move the viewer to the right instead of the left? Anyway, it's my pick for 3rd place

So Adam, it's up to you to set up the next mini-challenge, good luck setting it up and judging it. I found it fun to do :D.
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    Congrats to Adam and Tatiana and thanks for the 3rd place! Looking forward to the next mini-challenge.

    --- Sara
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    Thanks for the first place. I'll try to have a new challenge up later today or tomorrow.

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    Wow, thank you for the second place :ivar

    Congratulations Adam for the nice landscape and first place clap.gif

    Congratulations Sara for the great closeup on the red locomotive - I really liked all your entries :)clap.gif
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