Some Bears, Polar and Grizzly

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My spouse and I attended two Muench workshops this summer chasing bears. In June we travelled to Svalbard to photograph polar bears and other arctic wildlife. After returning home from Norway, about three weeks later, we flew to Whitehorse Yukon Territory, and tried to photograph some grizzly bears in British Columbia.

I have never been on the ground only 15-20 feet from grizzly bears before, and was surprised that the bears did not seem threatening or alarmed by our proximity.

The polar bears were photographed from shipboard or from a zodiac, and the distances were a bit more, probably 30 meters at the closest.

One thing I learned was that bears yawn when they are feeling anxious, and I have images of both breeds doing that. So getting close to bears does influence their composure.

Lets go for a swim..... at 1:00 am in the morning

On the ice

We also saw a few puffins

And a few arctic terns

and maybe a gannet or two as well

a grizzly

Mama swimming with two cubs

and even a few deer

Well, Hello!!

We also did see some ice in the arctic circle as well

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