Picked up a used Sony a6000

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Picked up a Sony a6000 to see what the mirrorless craze was all about and was very surprised at the results. All shots taken with the 55-200 from inside my truck in jpeg. The wooden thing was with the 35mm.


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    the last two

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    Don't know what happened with the above post.

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    I also have the Sony mirrorless a6000 and in good light, sometimes even in poor light if you get a good exposure, and with good lenses it can be very satisfying.

    It's unfortunate that Sony chose not to enable complete flash integration, like no AF Assist light from capable flashes, and another flash problem which evades me just now.

    I do suggest getting the free Sony version of Capture One Express: http://captureoneblog.com/capture-one-for-sony-how-it-works/

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    I like #2 a lot and the last shot....in #2, wish there was tad more sky! Cheers!

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    That blog link confuses me. I have an a6000 too. The blog tells you to download the "regular" Capture 1 first from yet another link but on that link what is the "regular"?

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