Collegiate Rugby Season Kick Off

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    Sorry for the one-photo post, apparently the new Dgrin takes image locations differently and I had to randomly try links to get it to work. No preview of images as I type the post so take it on faith something shows up.

    We are starting the collegiate rugby season and Grand Canyon University kicked off against Claremont at home in Phoenix. Nice break in the couple days of rain for a beautiful rugby day. And a GCU win.

    1. A bit of a high tackle in the try zone.....

    2. .....but held on and got the points.

      (in rugby you must touch the ball down to score. Positive downward pressure on ball in contact with ground.)

    3. another try.

    4. strong runner and well placed stiff arm

    Not sure I like the hassle and hurdles of the new image posting, but we'll see how it goes.

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    Number 1 and #3 in the second set are the picks for me!
    Number 1: good emotion/action. You can almost feel the pain!
    Number 3: Really like the timing on this

    Is that artificial turf?
    ... and the black "dirt"? Is it filler?
    I notice in field hockey they water the artificial turf deliberately. When the players slide or hit the ball, the water sprays up a bit like this dirt.

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    Nice work! I always like shots when the little rubber particles are flying.

    I've had a little trouble trying to post in the new forums as well. I had tried to do one using a link to photos on my site and just ended up giving up. Probably user error--but I don't have much patience to learn a new system just to be able to post on a forum. I have posted by just dragging and dropping a photo--but I don't really like doing that.

    I 've been very conscious about trying to crop tight, but I get conflicted. Looking at photos 1, 2 & 3 in the second part of your post, I think you have done it the way most people would recommend. Still, my eye is drawn to the people in the background whose heads are cut off.


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    Thanks for both the comments.

    Ace--yes, artificial turf and the black is the ground rubber they add for cushion (fake dirt). Works well in Phoenix. I still like playing on grass better, but there is no mud or watering with turf. Although that plastic grass is pretty hot in our summers.

    Will--Posting is a bit of a challenge. I found that copying/pasting an image Location worked, but no preview. Pics only show up after posting. I copy image location by right clicking on image in SmugMug and copy/paste the location. Agree with your comment on cropping, but I think my solution would be to crop tighter. I don't mind a body cut in half, but it is a bit disconcerting when it is cut at shoulders like in #2. I wanted to save more of the player in white on the left, but on review I would crop tighter on player with ball. Half the player on left would tell the story, and half the player coming up in back would look better.



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