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Hi there,

Checking in to see what slideshow software/tools people are using.

Specifically I'd love to hear from anyone using Animoto. I've heard some good and not so good things about the company.

I'd also like to know other alternatives and which ones people are loving right now.



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    I tried Animoto years ago, and it lacked in features and final quality. I wound up using ProShow Gold and it was hands above anything else available. The user interface and degree of control, coupled with an excellent and fast rendering system just plain worked and the output was gorgeous.

    Haven't done any slideshows recently, but I would still recommend ProShow, either Gold or Producer (if you need the better controls it offers).

    Edit: I see that ProShow also has a "Web" version to compete with Animoto, so you might check that out too.

    I did do a quickie slideshow for my father's funeral, and I was working that presentation up until the last minute (because people kept adding new pictures), and I was using Corel VideoStudio Pro for some of that, and it went pretty well.

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    Another vote for ProShow Gold - I eventually upgraded to ProShow Producer for the extra features
    Very powerful, easy to use.

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    RendrFX has a pretty intuitive slideshow maker. Just pick one of their templates, upload your pics, pick your music and you're done. It's too easy!
    Check it out -
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