Mini Challenge 246: Religion

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Doesn't have to be something you believe in just something you had to capture. Can be anything from a church to a drum circle! Looking forward to everyone's shots!

This mini-challenge will run until May 12th, 2017.

Have fun sharing and seeing what others share!
The host supplies a topic and you post 1-3 images. The host judges the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and is not eligible to enter.
The 1st place winner then chooses the next topic, judges the winner and then passes on the baton to the new champion.
Any photo you’ve taken is eligible, regardless of when taken or camera used.
Any amount of post-processing is allowed. However, it is helpful if you list your camera and lens along with your photo.
You may comment on other contestant's images. If you want someone to leave you some critique or criticism, just ask within your post.
The winner has up to three days (72 hours) to begin a new mini-challenge, or the honor goes to the #2 finisher and so forth.

Enter 1-3 photos and put them in a single post.
Either embed your image in the thread or, if you must, supply a link to it. Keep in mind, however, most people don't want to click to open photos hosted elsewhere (i.e. on your website).
Also try and resize your photos prior to posting so they're sized appropriately for viewing without having to scroll (~800 pixels on the longest side works best.)
Give each image you enter a title.
Enjoy discussion with members about their images, don't let this just be an entry thread!
When quoting a post change the IMG urls to a 200x200 size picture so it is clear your post is feedback and not another entry. (see here for help)
Don't be hesitant, share'em and enter!

Mini-Challenge pointers:
Upon winning a mini-challenge round your first step is coming up with a new theme, and start a new thread using the same format as others have used.
Make sure to notify the admin of this thread to update the main thread links with your entry thread.
Feel free to watch the thread as it grows or wait to the end time and look at all the entries all at once.
After the time/date has passed, then officially close the thread with a single post notifying everyone of the fact.
After you're finished judging start a new thread (again use the prior formats) and post your Winner and runners-up, it is important to have runners up incase the winner does not show within the 72hr window.
PM the winner with this info above and let them know they have 72hrs.
After the 72hrs and the winner does not show up, notify the next runner-up and post a message on the Winner thread of the fact.
Remember, if you're the Winner, you run the show.

A few examples:

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  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKSuper Moderators Posts: 8,262 moderator
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    Great subject theme! Here's my 3

    1 St. Petersburg Russia, Church of the Spilled Blood ( which ironically does not refer to Christ blood being spilled, rather the death place of Saint Peter himself who was ruler over Russia at the time). This is a mosaic with gold leaf of Jesus , Abraham and Moses.

    2 A panoramic view of the Holy City of Jerusalem. A very important religious city for many religions. For bigger view, click on image.

    3 A random church in Key West Florida

  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 3,064 Major grins

    Interesting challenge Jeromy! A problem for me will be too much to choose from (lots of tourism in Catholic countries - cathedrals galore...). Can't wait to see the other entries!
    @JAG your first shot is especially beaituful!

  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKSuper Moderators Posts: 8,262 moderator

    Thank you @sarasphotos . I too have so many images of different churches and cathedrals, ect. I might change some of my entries before the end of the challenge!

  • pegellipegelli Major grins BelgiumRegistered Users Posts: 7,048 Major grins
    edited May 1, 2017

    A very interesting challenge, my problem also was selection from my extensive library of suitable images.

    But I still went out yesterday and shot one of my submissions specifically for this mini-challenge

    Middelburg Abbey Cloisters

    Icons and main altar in the Uspenskin katedraali in Helsinki

    In his mothers' hands

    Pieter, aka pegelli
    My SmugMug
  • grandmaRgrandmaR Major grins Southern Maryland Registered Users Posts: 1,813 Major grins

    This was hard for me, but since I spend considerable time documenting cemeteries by photographing them, I decided to limit myself to cemetery photos. Even that was hard. But here goes

    #1. Curacao - Jewish Cemetery Number Two

    This Jewish cemetery had more elaborate statuary than most

    #2. Angel in Costa Rica

    Most of the graves here are big above ground tombs with many people interred

    #3. Cornwall

    “" adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
  • CavalierCavalier Life is a Bokeh Foresthill, CaliforniaRegistered Users Posts: 2,744 Major grins

    Here are mine:

    Sea Ranch Chapel on the California Coast:

    St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Jackson, Ca.

    Historic St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church - Chinese Camp, Ca. A view from the interior to the graveyard next to the church.

  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 3,064 Major grins

    Having a few more days' time hasn't made my decision any easier so I'll just post these three choices. Not sure if anyone else would call them my "best" but I am fond of alll three for various reasons. I may yet change my mind and make a switch, but for today these are my entries.

    1) the chapel atop the Wendelstein on a cold winter day (Bayrischzell, Bavaria, Germany)

    2) St. Georg's Church, Augsburg - this was taken hanging out the bathroom window of my former apartment

    3) I really love the gothic cathedrals of France and have been fortunate enough to visit many of them over the years. This is a detail of the portal in Bourges:

    FYI, from this shot of the main entrance (as much as I could fit in my lens...) you can get an idea of the scale of the building

  • DavidRGillespieDavidRGillespie Chilliwack, British Columbia, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 720 Many Grins

    Really enjoying all the great images. I don't usually shoot this subject so I had to do a little digging (and maybe fudging?)

    Stained glass window detail, Basilica, Quito Ecuador

    Mortuary Pole, Ninstints, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia Canada

    Monisterio San Juan, Quito, Ecuador

  • sapphire73sapphire73 Major grins PennsylvaniaRegistered Users Posts: 1,752 Major grins
    edited May 14, 2017

    Been busy with a big project and haven't had time to look at my archive but can share these photos taken in Europe.

    1) Unknown Soldier (Luxembourg)

    2) Rays of Sunlight on the American Cemetery in Luxembourg

    3) The Pilgrim (Speyer, Germany)

  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKSuper Moderators Posts: 8,262 moderator

    This challenge was suppose to end on the 12th. I wonder if @CHANDLERJA has forgotten?

  • sapphire73sapphire73 Major grins PennsylvaniaRegistered Users Posts: 1,752 Major grins

    @JAG said:
    This challenge was suppose to end on the 12th. I wonder if @CHANDLERJA has forgotten?

    Chandlerja - feel free to exclude my photos from this mini as they came in after the 12th!

  • CHANDLERJACHANDLERJA Light Seeker Registered Users Posts: 400 Major grins

    Sorry about that!! Work has been nuts lately :(
    I will pick a winner shortly :)

    Light is everything in life and photography.
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