Phanfare Extended to May 31

MikeLaurelMikeLaurel Southern CaliforniaRegistered Users Posts: 67 Big grins

I logged in tonight and saw that Phanfare now says it will be available until May 31.


  • leftquarkleftquark SmugMug Product Team Administrators, Vanilla Admin, SmugMug Product Team Posts: 3,723 SmugMug Employee

    Yes! We (including Carbonite) wanted to make sure everyone had a few extra days to get everything moved to SmugMug

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  • KarinaExPhanfareKarinaExPhanfare Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered Users Posts: 93 Big grins
    edited May 29, 2017

    Very handy for everyone still trying to finalise everything. Particularly as for the entire weekend it was suffering timeouts and logouts every 5 minutes.

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