Shake effect for galleries/folders

lightbox32lightbox32 DallasRegistered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
Hello everyone. I thought I'd share this interesting "shake" effect that I built, based on the work by Sarah Drasner (

It only uses CSS, and causes the images to "shake" when you hover over them.

You can see an example of the effect at To make it work you add the following to a CSS block:

.sm-tile:hover {
animation: shake 1s cubic-bezier(.26,.37,.69,.67) both;

@keyframes shake {
10%, 90% {
transform: rotate(-.4deg);

20%, 80% {
transform: rotate(.4deg);

30%, 50%, 70% {
transform: rotate(-.8deg);

40%, 60% {
transform: rotate(.8deg);


  • ShotByTomShotByTom Beginner grinner IndianapolisRegistered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
    Very cool!! Thank you for making this so easy!
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