FS: Canon 1D Mark IV Body, Chargers

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It is finally time to part ways with my trusty 1D MkIV! Bought new way back in March of 2010. Some of you may recall a lot of controversy around focusing issues, but I never had any trouble with mine. I shot lots of high school sports and senior portraits. Rock solid.

Firmware is up to date, at version 1.1.5.

If you're looking at this caliber of camera body, you know that they're built like tanks! My body has been with me through thick and thin, and while it's got plenty of superficial wear and tear, it's never been dropped or anything.

Here's the receipt text from the original Adorama email:

SKU                  Brand Product                            Qty    Price      Total
-------------------- ---------------------------------------- --- ----------- -----------
ICA1DM4            Canon EOS-1D MARK-IV Digital SLR Camera  1    $4999.00    $4999.00    
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -----------
Subtotal: $4999.00    
Tax: $0.00        
Shipping Method: 7-10 Business Days 
Insurance + Shipping: $0.00        
Grand Total: $4999.00    

I've got an extra battery charger which I'll throw in as well. (Would keep one home, one with me just in case!)

Looking to sell mine for $1,125!

Plus shipping as you wish, from Austin, TX, USA.
Not listed anywhere else for the time being. Wanted to reach out to fellow SmugMug'ers first.

I checkout out the number of shutter actuations. See below:

$> gphoto2 --get-config /main/status/shuttercounter
Label: Shutter Counter
Type: TEXT
Current: 285187

And, a gallery of photos of the camera itself, showing the scuff marks, and the tear in the rubber eye piece. The strap is unused; I had my own! I've got the original box for the camera and the extra charger as well.

Let me know if you're interested or have any questions!


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