Dgrin Mini-Challenge - 249: Journeys - RESULTS

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First off, thank you all very much for playing in this round! I enjoyed seeing the variety and quality of the entries. I found it difficult to judge this mini partly because of how many ways this theme could be interpreted. It came down to which photos "spoke to me" for this theme. And as others have said, this is a very subjective process!

So thanks again for participating and here are the results! I am noting some of the specific images that stood out for me and then posting the winners.

@grandmaR - Crossing Under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at Twilight
It was fun to see the canal boats in England, but this is my favorite of your entries. It draws me into the shot and makes me want to be there!

@Cavalier - I appreciated your the End of Watch entry and its moving story. Thank you for sharing it!

@JAG - I really like seeing the action of the caribou traveling in Denali - kicking up the snow. Great shot!

@Ikbart - Family Fun at Mt. Rushmore
Journeys can be fun and this entry brings that home in an appealing family photo. Great job with the poses and expressions!

Honorable Mention:
@sarasphotos - The Hike in the Allgau Region of Bavaria is a lovely shot, making me want to go there sometime! I don't know if the buildings were the destination or just on the way....

Tie for Third Place:
@JAG - Island Hopping
This is a great catch! It's a lovely composition with the birds in flight in the upper left and the lovely background. (What kind of birds are these?)

@Cavalier - Geese on Annual Migration
This does a great job of communicating "journey" while being an interesting photo. It caught my eye right away.

Second Place:
@pegelli - Journey through the Woods
This represents the journey theme very well. The setting is lovely as is the quality of the light. I have been on this kind of journey and would happily go again. Great image.

First Place:
@sarasphotos - Canal du Midi
This is my favorite in this mini. I love the composition with the curving canal and the arch of the tree branches. The light is lovely and the smooth water communicates tranquility. And there are two journeys - that of the boat and the person on the path.

So I hand this off to you, Sara, for the next round. Looking forward to seeing what you choose for the next theme!


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    Congrats Sara for a great entry. I too love the boat in the canal with the person walking the opposite way. The spots of sun on the water are somehow very relaxing.

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    Oh wow, thanks! Congrats to Pieter Joy and Joyce and the other HMs - great shots all.

    Give me a day to think up a new theme...

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    Congratulations Sara! Beautiful image! Congrats to Pieter and Jo too! Thanks for the compliments of my images Gretchen and in answer to your question, I think the birds were frigates.

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    Congrats Sara, lovely image and a well deserved winner. Composition, light, colour and fitting the theme are all excellent.

    Honoured to be 2nd and congrats to Jo, Joyce and the other HM's.

    Again looking forward to the next one :)

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    congratulations to all and looking forward to the next challenge

    “"..an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
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    Congrats Sara & all!! & great taste in judging Gretchen, your picks were all winners!

    A photograph is an artistic expression of life, captured one moment at a time . . .
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