Wordpress Plugin Broken - Best Alternative?

dbrazealdbrazeal USARegistered Users Posts: 4 Big grins
For several years, I’ve been using an old Wordpress plugin (WP-Smugmug) to display galleries on my website. Sadly, I think the last Wordpress update has finally broken it, and since the plugin hasn’t been updated for years, I’m looking to replace it.

I display my images in Wordpress on a per-gallery basis. Each event (high school sports events) gets its own gallery in Smugmug, and I use the plugin to create a Wordpress post with thumbnails from the gallery. I have looked around and it looks like Photonic Gallery is an option. (I’ve installed it as a stopgap measure.) But because it requires the gallery ID, I’m worried it will stop working eventually, too.

Is there some other way to do this that I’m missing?


  • jemostromjemostrom Chief Master of Weirdness Registered Users Posts: 135 Major grins

    It could be that SmugMug has turned off the API version the plugin uses and instead uses a newer version. I'm currently trying out the plugin Photonic and it seems quite promising.

    Jan Erik Moström
  • dbrazealdbrazeal USARegistered Users Posts: 4 Big grins
    I do like Photonic quite a bit.It doesn’t seem to be an obvious memory hog, so I may end up going with that.

    My next step will be to figure out a way to automatically grab the gallery ID number out of my smugmug gallery page. I had some whizbang automation set up using Keyboard Maestro on my Mac that had allowed me to create a Wordpress article with a couple of keystrokes — but those weren’t grabbing the Gallery ID #.
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