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I'm from PicBackMan team, we are experiencing issues with Download photos/videos from SmugMug. Files are being downloaded but with ZERO byte, below is code block we are using:

string signature = myOAuth.GenerateSignature(uri, staticGlobalConst1.Smugmug_CONSUMER_KEY, staticGlobalConst1.Smugmug_CONSUMER_SECRET, tc.auth_Token, tc.auth_Secret_ticket_refresh, "GET", timeStamp, nonce, OAuth.OAuthBase.SignatureTypes.HMACSHA1, out normalizedUrl, out normalizedRequestParameters); string authorizationUrl = normalizedUrl + "?" + normalizedRequestParameters + "&oauth_signature=" + myOAuth.UrlEncode(signature); Uri signInUrl = new Uri(authorizationUrl); wc.DownloadFileAsync(Uri, path);

Please tell us what we are doing wrong here. We have received this issue from our users also.
Thank you for your response.



  • Saurav AnandSaurav Anand Beginner grinner Posts: 13Registered Users Big grins


    Just found that we could download public folder's photo/videos but not private folder's. Above mentioned code block was working for both public & private.
    Please tell us some pointers so that we can fix this issue.

    Thank you.

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