BBoys defying physics

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I thought I'd share a little of what I capture at dance battles around the world. I stream them on my IG feed (@bboypix_kbevphoto). Enjoy!



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    Shot #1 isw nicely done. Shot 2 is just too slow of a shutter speed - face is way too blurry - and, I think another shot in the sequence might be a more compelling body position. Action like this or gymnastic tumbling really benefit from fast frame rates. I like that you can see the faces in both but the blurry face in the second really keeps it from being a quality keeper.

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    I agree, no exif data but it seems like you used too slow shutter speed

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    Thanks. Yeah, the shutter speed is always a challenge with these battles. At least this one had pro lighting. I actually think my DoF is a bigger issue. The shutter speed is roughly eh same in both pics. The one guy is flying, so he's def moving faster.

    Thanks for the feedback. I had a few others from that sequence that were sharper. I just liked the finger balance moment 8- )


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