Selection from the Garden a few weeks back...

IPClarkIPClark Major grinsPosts: 2,320Registered Users Major grins

...Another big batch (since my last set in October). Garden is void of any insect life now :/


  • GattoGatto Major grins Posts: 332Registered Users Major grins

    Always a pleasure to see your work ...and also make me realize how much I still have to learn .
    Love the light and #6 is my Favorite even if you dont see the whole bee, but you get the sense of flying and working, in a matter of fact the "Busy Bee" in one shot. Bravo

  • Lord VetinariLord Vetinari Smugbug Posts: 15,379Registered Users Major grins

    Wonderful series Ian
    Brian v.

  • IPClarkIPClark Major grins Posts: 2,320Registered Users Major grins

    Thank you Gatto, Brian :)

    Not much about now though so I'll contemplate digging out my tritation unit and do some droplets over winter.

    I still don't have any broadband either after having moved in 3 months ago now haha... problems with the local authority, and now there's a blockage in the duct underneath the ground. Fortunately, it's under a grassy section so easy to dig up. With a bit of luck it'll all be done soon. :)

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