Keyword-based slideshow limited to 1000 images?

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I want to make a slideshow (content block) with about 2000 photos. But is this possible? I cannot store all the photos directly in the same album, and collected albums can only hold 1000 images.

I thought the use of keywords perhaps could do the trick. But if I choose a keyword that is assigned to more than 1000 images, will the slideshow view all of them, or is it still limited to 1000?


  • bokehlover71bokehlover71 Major grins NorwayPosts: 156Registered Users Major grins

    Think I found the answer myself. I made a test page with a Multiple Photos content block, and chose the keyword as image source. That resulted in a page with more than 400 rows with five thumbnails in each – more than 2000 photos!

    So I think the slideshow content block will behave the same way, even though it is hard to prove by counting the images.

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    Glad to hear that you may have found a solution. But I can't help asking, why in the world do you want so many pics in a slideshow?

  • bokehlover71bokehlover71 Major grins NorwayPosts: 156Registered Users Major grins

    I have made a big picture archive for my family. It is possible to browse pictures in folders year by year, but I also wanted to give the possibility to watch random photos from the archive. A slideshow is the only solution that gives that possibility.

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