Making the Buy Button blend in

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Been working a lot with my new photography site for the past couple of weeks. Thanks to your CSS codes, it's starting to come together nicely! The only issue left, I think, is surprisingly the buy button.

I've found code to change the color or text of the buy button, but it's unyieldingly big and stuck to the right side! As you can see from my screen grab, I prefer a minimalist approach with not too much cluttering the screen, and that button looks very out of place. Basically I'm wondering:

  1. How do I align the buy button the the left of the screen?
  2. How do I resize the buy button to make it slightly smaller?
  3. Could the button be replaced by a "from this gallery" text link?
  4. Could the button be replaced by an image?
  5. Any general tips at all on how to make the button blend with the design?

Thanks a lot for all the help on this forum by the way. It's been a life saver for someone who knows very little about web design... :)



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