White Sands Dunes

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Tas has posted some Death Valley stuff.. Thought I'd resurrect some of my stuff... Don't see White pix stuff very often..

My vehicle....



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    Love that 3rd shot! Just perfect.

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    Very nice series, particulary the third :)

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    @David_S85 said:
    Love that 3rd shot! Just perfect.

    I agree!

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    Thanks guys

    Just comment about the sand quality of these dunes (in case you are planning to shot some)

    White Sands has incredibly white fine sand (no beige) and very clean...

    So fine it doesn't peak, hence the rounded tops, not good for high contrast peaks...

    My favorite in California is the Dumont Dunes, a state park that is unfortunately a vehicle sports park (dune buggies - also fun to shot)

    Very white, somewhat coarse - good peaks

    Second is Eureka dunes in Death Valley (that purportedly sing), large & uncrowded - close to high altitude Pine park with some of the oldest pines at the frost line

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    I find #2 very impactful! Cheers Rags! Good trip you had!

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    Thanks Taz

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    Love the minimalistic feel to the first three pages. Great use of negative space :)
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