Before sunrise

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Criticisms are welcome.


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    I like this Don - it's very soft and subtle and I especially like the reflections in the middle. Not sure if it's my eyes but it seems to me that the foreground is sharper than the middle of the picture.

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    Thanks, Sara. There's room for dramatic landscapes but there's also room for understated ones.

    The difference in sharpness may be partly due to where I focused, but in processing I only sharpened the pool and the rocks near it. For better or worse, I often sharpen only part of an image.

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    When the sun rises... wind vectors increase and spoil still water reflections...

    Nice under stated shot, but sharp rock reflections would have added

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    Wonderful Don! Yeah, sharpness is not even....

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    Awesome photo, the rocks really draw me into it. For my part, I don't miss any reflection in the water and also think that it's perfectly fine that only the foreground is sharp, as this is the main feature for me here.

    I also love that sun is just so very subtly coming over the hill, usually most people tend to make it the main attraction in pictures taken at that time of the day - at least from what I have seen so far. The light this little sun gives - especially on the rocks - is very pleasing!

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    rags, Taz, kurzvorzwoelf, thanks for the comments. I shot this composition from this point until the sun was very much in view. I expected to prefer a shot with a sunstar but I didn't In those, all the subtlety was gone.

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