Mute Thread?

FergusonFerguson Major grinsFort Myers, FloridaRegistered Users Posts: 1,331 Major grins

I have preferences where I get emails from any threads in which I participate. I wanted that, mostly.

I made the mistake in posting to one of the thremed threads, and now everytime anyone posts I get email. I do not want that.

I muted the category without impact (I think that just removes it from discussion).

I see no where to flag an individual topic as "no more email - make it stop" or cancel my subscription or whatever you would call it?

Is it all or nothing? I either get email for EVERY thread I participate in, or NONE?


  • RichardRichard Mildly bemused Madrid, SpainAdministrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,438 moderator

    I'm afraid it's all or nothing regarding most notifications. Yeah, it sucks to have uninformative email all the time, so I turned email notification off for everything except PMs and a few admin things I'm responsible for. BUT: you can control stuff at the thread level using bookmarks. Set your bookmark preference to whatever you like, then bookmark whichever threads you want to follow. The orange star in the thread title line is a toggle, so it's easy to turn on and off whenever you want. Once I got it set up to taste, it worked reasonably well for me.


  • FergusonFerguson Major grins Fort Myers, FloridaRegistered Users Posts: 1,331 Major grins

    Thanks @Richard , an unfortunately lack. At least I know I'm not blind.

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