Dgrin Mini-Challenge #262 - Lines, patterns, repetitions *** RESULTS ***

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@sarasphotos : nice set, I like the crookedness of the first, the tension created by the tower in the second and the strong geometry in the third. Well done
@JAG : especially the first and third appeal to me. strong colours and repetition in the first and a contrast between different patterns and lines in the third
@ CHANDLERJA : also in your set I like the first and third best, the first for the way you get drawn into the image and the third for the almost, but imperfect, symmetry
@DavidRGillespie : A very strong set, the first is a beautiful play of lines, textures and tones and the second is very special. The third (with the link to JAG's picture) made me smile
@puzzledpaul : great find and well executed
@grandmaR : You can not only photograph but your drawings are nice as well! I like the other two as well allthough I might have cut off a bit off the bottom of the third to really concentrate on the lines and shapes
@slpollett : You only found one, but it's a nice one. I like how all the different elements make up some strong lines
@bfluegie : 3 nice ones, I like the contrast between the old and new shapes in the first and really get drawn into the second one
@Gatto : Your second one is phenomenal, more about that later ;)
@lkbart : You have a very skilled hubby :) Did he get lessons from M.C. Escher?
@sapphire73 : I really like the first and third, the first for the tension created by the difference between the scene and the reflection, the third for the symmetry

And now the winners :smile:

3rd place goes to puzzledpaul for a great shot with the right mix between order and chaos:

2nd place goes to DavidRGillespie for a perfect pattern with nice colours and a shining coverage:

1st place goes to Gatto for apicture where both the subject is gripping and the execution flawless:

Congrats Gatto for a well deserved win and I'm looking forward what challenge you will bring us.

Thanks to all other entrants, the quality of shots entered was very high, so you all deserve a HM ;)

Pieter, aka pegelli
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