Green and Gold

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Aloha everyone,

We've had about four weeks of rain and clouds, which is atypical for the islands. The payoff, however, is a land of lush green, freshly watered and washed. I couldn't resist sending the drone to capture this scene, which is normally brown (lowlands here are deserts on this side of the island).

Enjoy and Mahalo for viewing!


  • black mambablack mamba Major grins Jacksonville, FLRegistered Users Posts: 6,831 Major grins

    Now that's an impressive scene, JonaBeth. Through your efforts, I'm really enjoying seeing some of Hawaii as I've never seen it before. Plus, from your frequent comments, I learn things about the place I've never known before. Keep up the great work.

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  • StumblebumStumblebum I shoot, therefore I am San Jose, CARegistered Users Posts: 7,853 Major grins

    Nice and simple! Lovely capture JBR!

  • CornflakeCornflake Major grins ArizonaRegistered Users Posts: 2,693 Major grins

    Very nice! I always enjoy these.

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    @Stumblebum said:
    Nice and simple! Lovely capture JBR!

    I agree! Nice lush green. Really like the simplicity of this image!


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