College Student Looking for Tips on Repeat Photography

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Hello all,

A little background to start, I'm from Maine and go to Worcester Polytechnic Institue in Massachusetts. I've always loved photography and have a real passion for it. Although I'm studying Business Management with a background in Engineering here at school, I have been pursuing projects within photography and videography.

Anyhow, this summer a team of students including myself will be spending 7 weeks at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor Maine (which is stunning for people who have never been there or seen photos, there are a bunch on this forum alone). We have the task of documenting the Marshall Brook Watershed through photography mainly. The photos will serve to document the area to evaluate flooding and different environmental impacts over the next few years.

I'm exploring repeat photography and methods to do it. We won't have phone service most likely, but I do have a handheld GPS I use for hunting which I think will come in handy. Is there any tips for people that have done this. We need to be able to repeat the photographs a few times to evaluate changes while we are there (7 weeks). Then we need to also give the information to others including Acadia National Park and future WPI Research groups so they can also duplicate the photos.

If you guys could give me some tips and drop some links to guides or other helpful information that would be awesome.

Using my Canon 6D, and I think I'll just be bringing my 16-24 and 70-200, but my 50mm prime could be easy to use for the purpose of repeat photography.

Attaching Pic for ATTENTION, because it's almost turkey hunting season!! :smiley:


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