Hawthorne Skyline

WirenWiren WirenRegistered Users Posts: 742 Major grins

My shooting time has been quite limited this last year. I was a happy snapper Sunday spending the whole day putzing around the Portland Waterfront at the Eastbank Esplanade. This is one of many I took home with a smile on my face.

Lee Wiren


  • StumblebumStumblebum I shoot, therefore I am San Jose, CARegistered Users Posts: 7,777 Major grins

    This is great Lee! I can't stop staring! The b&w treatment is perfect and everything is in balance and so vivid and dynamic yet still.

    Me being me....the crane is poking its head at the edge.....drawing more attention than it deserves.....towards the edge of the shot.....so if mine....I would zap crane, cable, and pole above etc.

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