Create album under album through Smugmug API (C#)

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I have an application named Mambo which allows user to upload photos/videos to Smugmug. Mambo uploads photos or creates albums with the help of Smugmug's API. We get albums by smugmug.albums.get method and to create album we use smugmug.albums.create method, but this way we have albums created in OTHER gallery of smugmug Album section.

Now We require to create Gallery which will contain album under album, and this needs to be created in the root of Smugmug album section.

I am using 1.3.0 version of Smugmug API.

Can anyone guide me towards the path of how to create Gallery or create child album under parent album with the help of API provided by Smugmug. Language used C#.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.



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    Hi Saurav,

    There are a couple of high level points that I want to address in regards to your question. SmugMug websites are organized with a couple of different structures that are relevant to your case: Folders and Albums. Albums, as you know, can hold images. Folders contains Albums (or other Folders). So it sounds like what you're looking to do is create Folders at the root of your SmugMug account and then add subsequent Folders and Albums to that. I'd recommend logging in to your SmugMug account in a web browser and playing around with our Organizer so that you can get a feel for them.

    Another thing to note is that our API 1.3.0 version is deprecated and in general we recommend everyone to start using our latest version, API v2. You can look at our documentation online to learn more about API v2:
    On Every Album and Folder on SmugMug is backed by what we call a Node. Nodes have associated objects which have their own endpoints such as Albums. In a Node response, we provide you with the type as well as a Uri to get the associated object. You can see all the documentation about Nodes here:

    Unfortunately, the idea of Folders isn't fully supported by API 1.3.0. There you'll find something called "categories" and "subcategories" which are what we used to use before we built Folders. It's pretty confusing-which is why I recommend switching to use API v2. But the old documentation is here:

    Take a look at that information and let us know about any follow up questions.
    SmugMug Product Manager
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    Just a note of caution--I tried to use Mambo on 2018-04-23 and I wasn't able to use it. For whatever reason, they wouldn't let me create an account (I tried two browsers). I then tried the sister product Zilla Upload for Flickr. I was able to log in and use it. But I found that (a) I could upload well over 1,000 images, even though the limit for free accounts was supposedly 500, and (b) the images were not sorted into folders and subfolders as promised. Luckily deleting 1,000+ photos is pretty straightforward at Flickr. Finally, the installer for both apps is not "signed" code, so installing the app on up-to-date Macintosh systems requires an (intentionally) opaque two-step process. This suggests to me that they are not selling many copies of their app for Macintosh these days.

    I tried to talk to Mambo/Zilla's customer service, but they are only open at inconvenient times in my time zone, and this is a low priority for me, so I haven't tried to fix the problem.

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