Big Decrease in "Like's"

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I have a Facebook "Like" button on my gallery and it previously had over 200 likes. Now it has 9. Yes, nine.
I'm not sure if this is a FB issue or a SM issue, but I seriously doubt my social-media popularity has plummeted that much.
Any idea, has SM changed some back-end code or is FB screwing around again?


  • leftquarkleftquark SmugMug Product Team Posts: 3,619Administrators, Vanilla Admin, SmugMug Product Team SmugMug Employee

    Are you on a custom domain? I would have assumed FB wouldn’t clear out your like-count just because we went from http to https but that’s about the only thing that changed

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  • ArmadilloArmadillo Barely Grinning Tampa, Fl.Posts: 28Registered Users Big grins

    Yes it does have a custom domain. I did some tests changing the "data-href" and http vs https made no difference.
    Oh well. I'm up to 15 likes now. FB keeps tinkering I guess.

  • sdbsdb italyPosts: 100Registered Users Major grins
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    Also in my case, after switching to HTTPS, I lost all the likes of the existing galleries.

    During the transition period I had noticed that by keeping HTTP likes were displayed, while if I wrote HTTPS in front of my url it didn't recognize them anymore. Now, after the final passage, is continuing not to show them...
    It's not a drama, but it would have been nice to keep them.

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