Is it possible to have alt text or not?

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Alright, so I have been going through the forum reading from different people asking about adding alt text to images, and still have yet to find a 100% answer.

Support continues to say that you can add ALT text attributes by adding a caption. However, this is WRONG. ALT text on images and captions are two different things. I am a big fan of Smugmug's SEO capabilities and plan to use it with another website/business I am building, however I want to know if this is even possible before wasting more time on it, and as this has been being asked for as a request for over 5 years now, state my dissatisfaction with this not being added as a functional, simple-to-use feature if it still is not there.

ETA: when I add the code myself into captions, the code just disappears and no alt text is added. Where can I go to add it if it is even possible??


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    No, you can't specifically add alt tags to your images like you can do like WordPress. SmugMug uses the title as the alt tag. It would be nice to add alt tags as well.

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    Wow, yeah that is unfortunate. Google looks for alt text in photos, and with a photo heavy site that is a little bit absurd imo. When I run an SEO report for my site, it doesn't even show the title as the alt text, it just shows that I don't have any.
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    Hi, yes it would be nice if we had the possibility to add the alt text as in Wordpress (from my side, also without it having to be visible like you may know, in order to work, in SmugMug caption/alt settings must be visible)

    If you write inside the Caption field, it work as Alt text. if you analyze your webpages, you'll see the Alt text displayed next to your photos url, with identical text to that of the Caption field.

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