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So I visit dpreview's "digital art forum"

There I began to see a posters work, that I became interested in.

The picture below is an example of his work (4'x5') that I purchased a license for

The example isn't a photograph (mostly) ; it is a digital painting printed on metal

His name is Jordan Dill, and he takes brushes from Corel and fashions blobs of color; many times not knowing what's going to turn out, he leaves that to the viewer.

I perceived the blobs as a geisha girl, but needed a descriptive wine theme, he tried to get them on but they were blown ( I added some grapes)

Jordan is one of a small group of pioneers starting from a blank canvas - more art than most of us are used to.

The room is part of the building that is in my progress post



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    I can sure appreciate your affinity for Jordan Dill's work. I like it a lot as well.

    Take care,


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    Thanks Tom

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