Myrtle Beach Air Show - April 2018

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I attended the Myrtle Beach Air Show at the end of April - it was the first show at MB in about a dozen years. The weather was perfect, the sun was behind us during the flying portion of the show (I almost forgot how to shoot an air show with the sun behind me, it happens so rarely!), and the show was great. The lack of a recent show at MB was clearly illustrated by the absolute goat rope of a plan to move people from the remote parking lot to the show itself...

1 - Got a chance to visit with an old friend - a hundred years ago, I was a KC-135 pilot in the Air Force. I got to geek out showing the girlfriend around this old gal.

2 - The GEICO Skytypers head off to start their performance.

3 - Skytypers performance

4 - The Class of '45 performed.

5 - The airport was still open for commercial flights, so from time to time, the show would hit the Pause button while an airliner arrived or departed.

6 - Michael Wiskus tears up the sky in his Pitts biplane.

7 - Air Force F-16 runs through its demo.

8 - The Navy Blue Angels closed out the show.

9 -

10 -

11 -

12 -


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    Nice work, John. I particularly like the Blue Angels stuff. Over the years, I've probably seen the Blue Angels program at least 15 times. As an old-time pilot myself.....though not on your level of achievement....I sure appreciate the skill and courage the Angels ( and the Air Force Thunderbirds ) exhibit.

    Take care, buddy,


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    Good stuff John!

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    Nice and interesting series, John, well fotoed.

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    Nice shots!

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