Sunset over St Lawrence, Derbyshire, UK

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Sunset over St Lawrence

Inspired by a recent photo, I spent most of the weekend searching North East Derbyshire for an Oilseed Rape crop and by accident found one less than half a mile away from my home.

The tower in the distance belongs to the St Lawrence Church in North Wingfield, Derbyshire UK.


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    Sweet! You could have tried a tighter fame as well to get rid of this gash in bottom left. Also while that hot spot above the sun at tree height appears real, it seems too much like flare and draw bit too much attention, would be cloning out candidate for me. Cheers!

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    Beautiful scene,

    I am with Taz, though in that I would crop the gash at the bottom AND the lighter sky at the top of the frame, using the darker clouds as a frame.

    Lots of good things to do with this image.

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    Thanks for the great advice guys, really appreciated. I've just quickly moved the lighter sky out of the frame on my monitor and it does make for a better image, same with the bottom.

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