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CornflakeCornflake Major grinsPosts: 2,349Registered Users Major grins

Some surgery last month kept me photographically idle for a few weeks and photographically limited for a few more. I'm finally getting out and about. It feels good! Here are a few recent ones. Criticism is always welcome.






  • RichardRichard Mildly bemused Madrid, SpainPosts: 18,782Administrators, Vanilla Admin moderator

    Glad to hear that you're out and about. I think the last is my favorite, even though I've seen lots of shots like this. Nice light in #1. #3 has a rather obvious problem--no need to say more.

  • CornflakeCornflake Major grins Posts: 2,349Registered Users Major grins

    Thanks for the feedback, Richard.

  • JuanoJuano Major grins Brasilia, BrazilPosts: 3,549Registered Users Major grins

    Glad to see you back!

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