A Few Landscapes From My Travels #3 - Germany, Point Lobos and Cannery Row Monterey

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See 'Yellow Fields" post below the following note:

NOTE: The Dgrin links embedded in my image posts on this forum have somehow overpowered and replaced my Smugmug main website links in Google Images Search results, effectively gutting / removing what used to be a nice representative assortment of my best images from the results. What it appears now in Google images is a Screen-Full of older, and while acceptable, what I consider less favorite images. I am therefore removing the Images that had embedded links and simply placing a link directly to the images in SmugMug here until a solution is found. Please let me know if you know of any solution to this problem - It will be HUGELY appreciated.

Yellow Fields Under Cloud Cover in Germany near the Roman Ruins (Luxembourg maybe - we were zig-zagging along the border)... Actually, I was standing ON the ruins while
shooting this scene, and the view won my interest. I guess I'll just have to go back again to shoot the ruins :)

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Pelicans Over Cove at Point Lobos California - There were endless formations of pelicans at Point Lobos near Carmel California. One after the other they zipped by, all seeming
to have important places to go. I don't know if the storm was churning up food for them or what. A beautiful display. I found it more then a little bit ironic that I was shooting
formations of pelicans most of the day while carrying my camera gear around in pelican cases. Totally unplanned but that's the way it worked out... (Someone just asked me for
my link to pelican cases... I'm not selling anything guys, this is all just FYI)

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Cannery Row Marina in Monterey in Midnight Fog - The marina in Monterey depicted in the photo is an integral part of the waterfront described by Steinbeck in Cannery Row.
I spent many nights in this type of drizzly fog during the two years I spent in Monterey, one of the more beautiful places I've lived. This beautiful scene appeared when the weather
cooled and the fog rolled in over the sailboats in the marina. Nature put on a lovely show for me that night.

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    A very nice diversified set of images.I like the color combo of the fields, trees and sky in the first image Not many people realize that there are some great examples of Roman ruins in Germany, particularly in the area of Trier.


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    Thanks much for your note Phil.

    The ruins were quite interesting and I wanted to explore more, but the days just ran out. It was a nice surprise seeing the ruins themselves, but then finding that view next to it was just a gift. I filled up a 16 gig chip at that site and had trouble finding a bad view in the whoe batch. Thanks for the tip on Trier. I will do some looking into it and see what I can dig up for my next trip :) Gettin anxious to hit the road again, so to speak... This looks promising - http://germangirlinamerica.com/things-to-see-trier-germany/

    Have a good week! John

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    very nice !!
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    Nice work, John. My first inclination on that Monterey shot is that the bright light on the left should have been zapped...it's quite distracting. But then you would also have to zap the light's reflection on the water. The better answer is to crop the image from the left until the intrusive light and reflection are no longer there. Such an action would in no way diminish the photo's appeal.


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    Nice stuff Brody... :)

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    Fantastic work!

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