Anyone Use Wondershare Video Editor

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I'm slowly working my way into video and now have to concern myself with learning editing. Wondershare is reported to be easy to use and at 39.00, it's certainly priced right even if I should ever "outgrow" it.

Is it "good enough" for a beginner that wants a good quality end product, or should I look elsewhere?


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    I've done some video projects that are essentially "home movies".

    I haven't used Wondershare, but have used NCH's VideoPad Editor's
    "Home Edition" at $39.95.
    It works fine and allows stills to be dropped into the timeline. I
    create my own title slides as stills in Photoshop.

    I ended up buying Adobe Premiere Elements at $69.95 from B&H.
    I prefer working with this program. One of the advantages of
    working with an Adobe product is the large number of video
    tutorials and help online.

    Years ago I worked with Windows Movie Maker (free) and
    found it to be everything I needed. However, the current
    version doesn't have a timeline, and that's essential to me.

    The best advice I can offer is to use the free trial for a few
    programs and see what is easiest for you. Also, before you
    buy, search for tutorials other than the ones the maker provides.
    The more tutorials out there, the better.
    Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
  • kdogkdog artistically challenged San Jose, CAAdministrators Posts: 11,659 moderator
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    Agree with Tony. I started with Premier Elements, and so far so good. I often look up Youtube vids when I want to learn a specific feature. Plus I'm assuming some day I'll "graduate" to Premier Pro, which ought to be a straightforward transition.

    I am very curious what Pro gives you above Elements. So if anyone has any comments on that, I'm all ears. ear.gif
  • Bryce WilsonBryce Wilson Wants More Glass Registered Users Posts: 1,586 Major grins
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    Thanks Guys!
  • Billy_Milligan3247Billy_Milligan3247 USANew member Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
    I found much better software instead of Wondershare. I'm not a professional and I need something quite efficient and simple. Well, I tried both and my sympathies are on the side of Movavi Video Editor (
  • JonaBeth RussellJonaBeth Russell Major grins MauiRegistered Users Posts: 1,065 Major grins

    Here's a completely free AWESOME video editor. Not quite as many bells & whistles as Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro, but a completely capable NLE platform, pretty easy to learn, and has been used to make Hollywood movies by some of the best editors in the industry. Best of all, like I's completely free and open to download and use.

    Click the link below, you'll find a TON of info about the program, and the download button is at the bottom of the page. Works on Windows & Mac. Good luck!

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 23 Big grins
    I have been doing video for a number of years now. Mostly they are similar , so if you can figure one out , you can figure out a new one..
    I did some of my best , fine cutting and music syronasation videos with..wait for it , Windows Movie Maker. Its what you feel comfortable with ..

    I also strongly a well build powerful computer to edit. It makes life so much easier and fluid. So before going for Premier , upgrade your system. ,BIG memory , loads of storage , and then things flow allot easier.
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