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I delivered Catamarans from Cape Town to many different locations around the world , Lived a live of 90 boredom , 10 % sheer terror. Singapore was one of the places we were attempted Pirated one night while sitting in dense fog off Sentosa Island. If it wasn't for the Singaporean coast guard who where tracking the guys , we would have been boarded and robbed of all electronics. YES Singapore ..

I spent a few weeks on the island , over about 4 visits. I figured out a few things that will make your life allot easier and cheaper.

First things first , Singapore has some of the most amazing architecture , some bazaar crazy and strange buildings , to the Buddhas Tooth Temple.Pack light , wear light clothing but also be prepared for rain burst. The place is hot as hell. Humidity to almost kill you on your feet. So be warned.

Now for some hints. Every single Hotel has WIFI in their foyer for guests , just ask , or you can usually spot the login over the Managers shoulder.. The foyers of each hotel are perfect places to chill out and collect yourself ( and upload , dowload , ect) Just be sharp and if asked who you are waiting for says , Friend is showering room 203.. Now every Hotel , has a courtesy bus , The buses go to different malls and places around Singapore. So Smile , ask where you are going , catch a lift in a nice air conditioned bus , Hop out at a surprise destination and have a look around.

I would catch buses back to hotels , walk 30 meters down a road to next Hotel , hop on that bus go to some other place , all the way around Singapore. Great fun . Just plead ignorant if you get moaned at.

Now here is another trick. You can almost go from one side of the city to the other underground , and over sky bridges . Watch the locals , you will see them walk down narrow tunnels that go under extremely busy roads. So you can travel above and underground for huge distances. Just have a destination in mind and don't stress getting lost , that's half the fun ..

Look out for a Subway Station Called HAW PA Villa .. You will get off at station , make your way to street level , walk one block , and you will be in a Photographers Paradise. HAW PA VILLA was created by the guy who invented Tiger Balm. Its a Buddhist Theme Park of Hell.. YES you read it ..
But it has been abandoned for a number of years , so its even more photogenic.. As you wonder around this park , and see all the Chinese and Buddest Nursery Story's in full 8 ft Hight , you will be asking yourself .. what the heck , eh eh .. The locals still use it as a park and recreational area , but do not forget the Caves and all the ways you will be punished in hell in lovely good sized models , with blood and gore.. And they take their kids here..

the singaporean way is to charge you for everything , I think it cost me 25 US $ to go up Marinina Sands Hotel ( The Boat on three curved poles ) LIFT , just to stand on the tourist area , great view.. But if i think back , I would have tried to bullshit my way up to the magnificent Infinity Pool on the Hotel Guest side of the roof.

Sentosa Island is like the rich persons disney land. Its well worth a look around . If you can sneak a bus to Marinia ONE , go and have a look at the beautiful and unique houses on the Sentosa beaches. Also look for the Marina One infinity pool . Marina One conference area has some really great art in the Foyer area..

Universal Studios , and the Merlion are there to be paid for if you want.

IF you go into the Merlion , KEEP your TOKEN , do not redeem it for a prize. The Prizes are really crappy , the Token is way better.
You do not have to catch teh Cable Car to the Massive Mall , you can walk , so dont let them fool you , Unless you want to pay. There is a great water Park and go and see David Lee Roths Leotards at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Going into the central island is also well worth it ,Boon Lay Station , and on the far side of the island is Raffles Marina with its crazy Waterfall pool and a yacht club with a bowling green.

There is so much to see , and do and if you are friendly , and curious and slightly forward like i am , the locals will show you things , and places and help you navigate this massive place.

There are 2 Rodin THINKER statues on the Island .. Both are able to be accessed without any problem. And its one of the only places in the world where i have seen Rhino Horn sold openly in a shop. The city is safe , but also extremely law continuous. So do not Jay walk , do not swear , do not smoke , do not spit , do not litter , eat in designated eating places. Dont even think of getting drunk and disorderly..

Singapore is awesome , loads of variety , wildlife is pretty cool as well. Hi tek , old Temples , Mind boggling wealth ..

Just enjoy it , and be polite when taking photos.

Paul Watson
Cape Town
South Africa.

Ps. I would have loved to post a few photos , kinda just started here , so give me a bit


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