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Context: A few years ago I shot the Clover Dairy in Sonoma California

I was hoping to get a high contrast white bldg among green rolling hills... Nah...

Just a corrugated steel painted in the 50's cluster of bldgs and rolling brown hills

A couple of years ago we had the wind whipped "valley" fire that burned whole communities and the Clover Dairy...

This is my abstract of the event... what do you think?

BTW... I went back after the fire to shoot partially burned bldgs; but the site was leveled...



  • RichardRichard Mildly bemused Madrid, SpainPosts: 18,813Administrators, Vanilla Admin moderator

    Nice work, Rags. I thought "fire" before reading your text.

  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyPosts: 2,165Registered Users Major grins

    Hi Rags,

    I also thought "fire" before I read your comments... and although I do quite like the abstract I'm not sure I see the connection to Clover Dairy. Maybe you needed to see the original. But what the heck, I find it great on its own.

    BTW, in the 60's and 70's the milk from my father's dairy farm (in Turlock) went to the Petaluma Coop/Clover Dairy.

  • JuanoJuano Major grins Brasilia, BrazilPosts: 3,559Registered Users Major grins

    Great image Rags!

  • black mambablack mamba Major grins Jacksonville, FLPosts: 6,454Registered Users Major grins

    I'm a sucker for abstracts and this is a real good one.

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  • EiaEia Major grins Posts: 3,618Registered Users Major grins

    I think this is super cool and works well. Fire definitely sends the message. A nice big print would give a splash of bold in a room! Very, very nice!!!!

  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Major grins North Andover, MAPosts: 12,241Super Moderators moderator

    This is wonderful!

  • willard3willard3 Jefe Máximo Posts: 1,826Registered Users Major grins

    Nice color and good abstract, Rags.

    It is better to die on you feet than to live on your knees.....Emiliano Zapata
  • toragstorags Major grins Posts: 4,306Registered Users Major grins

    Thank you everybody for your kind words...

    Sara, Clover is still in business; my bride buys their milk...

    I might take a tear of their container to identify the buildings....

    Thank again..

  • StumblebumStumblebum I shoot, therefore I am Posts: 7,528Registered Users Major grins

    Exceptional Rags!

  • toragstorags Major grins Posts: 4,306Registered Users Major grins

    Thanks 'bum... much appreciated...

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