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At the bottom of the Smugmug Gallery Style, there are buttons to move quickly to different pages of a gallery. I use the Collage Landscape gallery style which does not provide a way to move quickly to a different spot in a gallery.

Is there a way (via CSS) to add a button which, when clicked, will move you to the LAST PHOTO in that gallery, or skip forward 20 (or so) photos in that gallery?

Using the Windows scroll slider is not practical for large galleries...

Thanks, Hadron.


  • hadronhadron Big grins Posts: 81Registered Users Big grins

    Or is there a way to use the Smugmug Gallery style, but not display the thumbnails?

  • leftquarkleftquark SmugMug Product Team Posts: 3,702Administrators, Vanilla Admin, SmugMug Product Team SmugMug Employee

    Could certainly write up some CSS that hid the thumbnails. For exampel, some crude quick CSS that I haven't tested would be:

            /* Hide the SM style thumbnails */
            .sm-gallery-tilesnav {
                display: none;

    You'd probably then want some code to move the page indicator around and maybe increase the space for the photo.

    I'll take this general topic as a feature request. Also feel free to propose it at feedback.smugmug.com so we can get votes on how people might like this.

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  • hadronhadron Big grins Posts: 81Registered Users Big grins

    Thanks Leftquark. I'll test your CSS, and will put in a feature request for the nav on the Collage Landscape gallery style.

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