Problem with folder and gallery at same level in hierarchy

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I have organized my photos by folder, then gallery in the conventional manner. But I would like to place my "Favorites" gallery at the same level in the hierarchy as the parent folders. It would look something like this:

Favorites (gallery)
Family (folder)
--Event 1 (gallery)
--Event 2 (gallery)
Travel (folder)
--Trip 1 (gallery)
--Trip 2 (gallery)

This works except I want to manually sort the top level of the hierarchy to place Favorites first but I can't seem to sort the "Favorites" gallery with the folders. Is there another way to achieve what I want to do? Perhaps put the "Favorites" gallery inside some type of a click-through folder that when clicked on would open the gallery?



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    I'd also love to find a solution where clicking on a folder containing a single gallery would open the gallery automatically.

    I have a similar issue on my site in one of my top-level folders, Many of the folders in Travel contain multiple galleries, but some do not. I want everything sorted by date with the newest folder shown first. In order to do this, all galleries in the /Travel folder are contained within a (sub)folder representing the trip - even if there is a single gallery for the trip. I decided the extra click for the single gallery trips was less annoying than having the single gallery trips shown at the end of all of the folders.

    One other option that I can think of is to build the top-level entry using a Page instead of a folder. Then select your mixture of Folders and Galleries to the page in the order in the order in which you want them to display. You can see an example on this page on my site - Of the entries currently shown on that page, Acadia :: May 2018 is a folder. All of the other entries are single galleries. The folder is shown first because I selected it first.

    I didn't use this option on my /Travel page because I didn't want to need to re-select everything to get the entries into the proper sequence.

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    Denise, thanks for your response. I hope SM can revamp the way you choose folders/galleries in page/folder/gallery content block. You should be able to add or remove one or more folders/galleries and then drag them to the proper position. Having to repeat the entire process every time you want to add/remove/reorder definitely isn't a good UX decision.


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