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It can be incredibly frustrating trying to find non-recent galleries in the SmugMug App. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include a search feature. Why not allow is to search by Gallery name. I must have 300 galleries or more. Scrolling to find them is painful beyond belief. Also, as others have requested, you should be sort galleries by name or date. For older shoots it is very difficult to find them based on chronological order because it's impossible to to use that as a way of judging where in 300 galleries something is dictated. I can't remember necessarily which came first. However, above and beyond all, SEARCH is the way to go.


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    Put this at the end of your homepage link.
    Should be able to search for words.

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    I too found the app under-featured. It's a simple database viewer and uploader but not much more. However, SM offers a way to make the whole website look very good in a mobile's regular web browser by going into full-screen "immersive" mode. And if you haven't done anything too wonky with custom CSS, SM websites show well on the small screen. The instructions to do all that are a bit hidden in the help files. Go to and then select "Share an app". I've shared my whole site with myself on my phone (using Chrome and I'm on a Goggle Pixel 2). I use that instead of the SM app most of time. You can use the search page there.

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    I did the same as @Jtring but I too think a search feature in the app will make it great. In a related note, I want to be able to flick through all the images that my search result (web or app) returns instead of having to click on each one by one and returning to the search result. For example, if I go to my site and type "Sunset" on my search I would like (me and any user) to see all the images, flick through them, and identify the one they like. Is this possible?

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    The app has been updated with a search feature! Yay! Thank you SmugMug for honoring this request.

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    when is the "search" feature coming to the iOS app?

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    Search is now available in the iOS app. Make sure you have version 3.4.0 (just launched today) or later. Find the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the app. You can search for folders, galleries or photos using titles, captions, keywords or more.

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