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WaynelrWaynelr Maplewood, MNPosts: 1Registered Users Beginner grinner
After loading several .mpg files without a problem today SMUG now says that's a bad filetype. MTV creates the files which are read by FB just fine. What happened. I'm currently trying it in .avi format.


  • PhyxiusPhyxius SmugMug Support Hero Posts: 1,363Registered Users Major grins

    Hi Wayne,

    Are you referring to the video in the Dansk Gathering gallery? We're showing that video was uploaded successfully yesterday morning. We do see five failed attempts after it. Were you using replace? It's not possible to replace a video, you would need to delete and re-upload. Or, if you were trying to upload a Video Preview image please note that the video preview image must be a jpg file.

    We're standing by!


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