Is a Canon 5Dmark4 refurb just as good as buying new?

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I am shopping to upgrade my 5dm3 to the mark4. Canon has mark4 refurbs. Gosh … they only get cameras back, gone after 14 days , then refurbish them and turn them around…same warranty of a year…Is it the same camera?

Worth the unknown?

Do they provide shutter count with a refurb?



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    My Canon 5D Mark III is a Canon (manufacturer) refurbished body purchased from "". While it came in a different box and lacked some original paperwork and has a slightly defaced bottom sticker (looks like a pin-prick just under the serial number), it nonetheless looked and performed "like new". No problems whatsoever!

    No, Canon will not give you the shutter count of the camera before purchase.

    Yes, I intend to purchase a Canon 5D Mark IV refurbished body through the Canon store in the near future. Yes, it's an easy recommendation to others looking to purchase a fully-warrantied Canon camera or lens (or some other Canon accessories with the same warranty).

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    ready to pull the trigger today but they sold CPS loaner arrives Thursday 2 weeks ahead of what they said.

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    Why not hold out for the 5Ds Mark ii?

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    my Canon refurb looked and performed as new

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    I bought a refurb 5D3 through the Canon Loyalty Program, and it has worked perfectly for the past 3+ years. As long as it is a Canon factory refurb, I wouldn't have any hesitations about it.

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    Basically getting a factory refurb just means it's had at least one extra quality control cycle. That's a good thing.

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    @Justiceiro said:
    Why not hold out for the 5Ds Mark ii?

    If you always wait for the next new thing, you'll never buy anything. LOL.

    I wonder if there will ever be a 5DsMKII though as they may opt to move it to the mirrorless/RF mount line. That seems to be where Canon seems to be innovating in lenses right now.

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    Firm believer in the refurb program. Has probably saved me four figures so far. Ziggy has the link in post 2.

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