Dgrin Mini-Challenge #274 - Into The Night - RESULTS

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Thank you all for participating! There were some outstanding photos submitted!

Some general comments:

@JAG - Very nice work! I've seen some of your other "backyard" photos, and you certainly have a beautiful place. Great catch on the lightning!

@lkbart - I know they weren't entries, but I was fascinated by the night bloom photos, and the lunar eclipse sequence was terrific! The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is on my list of things to get to, hopefully in the next year or two.

@pegelli - The Köln river view is beautiful, and I'm always intrigued by night industrial photos. I've had a few friends visit Iceland and catch the Northern Lights, and it's something I really want to do.

@mongoose330 - Nice lightning shot! Those can be tough to get.

@DavidRGillespie - I really like the shot from Kelly Lake, love the star reflections in the lake! The Japanese lantern photo is stunning!

@bfluegie - Love the Kilauea photo - I've not seen anything like that before!

@sapphire73 - I know you said you only wanted to share your photos, and I'm glad you did. I like the black & white treatment, especially the chapel door.

Now the results:

Third Place: @JAG Moon Eclipse

Second Place: @lkbart Morning Glow

First Place: @pegelli Northern Light

Congratulations Pieter, Lillian, and Joyce, and thanks to everyone!


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