Changing Email Address for DGRIN

Knightbeat40Knightbeat40 Beginner grinnerRegistered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
Can anyone tell me how to get DGRIn to accept my change my email address? I put in my new address and password, it says it has changed, but it hasn't.


  • RichardRichard Mildly bemused Madrid, SpainAdministrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,434 moderator
    edited November 11, 2018

    That's odd. Did you remember to hit Save after you entered the new address? I'm not sure why you're having a problem, but if you send me the address you want via PM I'll try to change it for you.

    EDIT: Try logging out of Dgrin then logging in again. Sometimes changes don't take effect till you start a new session.

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