black friday

yooperdooperyooperdooper yooperdooperRegistered Users Posts: 231 Major grins
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does anyone know of any black friday sales for canon cameras and lenses or epson printers?thanks


  • NikonsandVstromsNikonsandVstroms *and Olympus Boston, MARegistered Users Posts: 990 Major grins
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    Not yet but they'll be coming out in the next couple of weeks. Someone else can help me here but IIRC most of the big deals on newer DSLR's involve extra goodies/lens deals or previous models marked down big time to clear inventory. I don't know about Canon in particular but refurbished gear in general has a good chance of going on sale then and I've had great luck with the Canon refurb I recently bought.
  • loushantzloushantz New YorkNew member Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
    Hi just reviving this thread. Can we post websites that has black Friday deals?
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