RESULTS: Dgrin Mini-Challenge #275 - Fungi

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Thanks to all for entering, I really like the large diversity in different types of fungus that were pictured by you all.

@JAG : The "bearded" fungi was new for me, well pictured
@slpollett : Three nicely pictured sigle species, especially the third is a beauty
@sarasphotos : The shape of the first is special, also new for me. I like the composition of your edible mushrooms
@grandmaR : Your first, allthough not totally sharp, looks delicious. From your second series the first is well done, no need to find others ;)
@lkbart : Nice series, beautiful colours in the first and subtle detail in the third
@bfluegie : Also a very good series, and I like you went out to get fresh ones. Especially all the detail and different shades of the second are wonderful.
@DavidRGillespie : A big thumbs up for some uncommon fungi, as well as going out to get new ones. The way you captured the light in the third is magical
@Cavalier : Two nice ones, great colour and colour contrast in both of them.

HM's go to : sarasphoto's #3 (edible mushrooms), lkbart's #3 (Faeries must live here) and bfluegie's #2 (Colorful polypore fungus on mossy log, Brown County State Park, Indiana)

And the winner is:

Grey mold, Botrytis cinarea, sportulating on a tomato stem by DavidRGillespie

mainly for the nice light on the mold, non distracting background and the overall composition. It's also a "fresh shot" but that was not a deciding factor for me in this case.

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