Canoe For Sale

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Lightly used, in mint condition and made from space age materials. Can be seen at high tide bouncing off the rocks at Naskeag Wharf. Best offer, serious buyers only.... or not. :)

I see many tired old dinghies being used by lobsterman to get to their moored boats but this one is the bottom of the fleet.


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    edited December 26, 2018

    Great capture, and humor. Reminds me of something I posted last winter. Does it come with paddles? I don't want to be up a creek, with out a paddle! B)


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  • WernerGWernerG Major grins MainePosts: 534Registered Users Major grins

    I've never seen any paddles in it. It looks a lot worse right side up. The gunwale is broken on both sides, as though it was jackknifed.

  • willard3willard3 Jefe Máximo Posts: 1,912Registered Users Major grins

    The new owner should avoid white water. B)

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