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So, here I am on this unexpected journey that is proving to be very interesting and challenging. Here is a question, where should the limit be on doing things because they 'can be done' versus image modifications that actually contribute to an idea? For sure there is a degree of experimentation, especially now that I'm in the initial stages of this trip, but I'm struggling to decide what is aesthetically pleasing, what provides a sense of cohesion and meaning as opposed to haphazard stuff slapped together. I would appreciate your thoughts on this image and on the topic in general...


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    I like this, I find it visually interesting. The only thing I might do with this is brighten it up a bit. My opinion, it's art and art is subjective. I believe when it comes to art, we are only limited by our imagination. If you like what you create, then your main goal has been met, if others like it, that's a bonus. Some of my favorite creations have been marginally received by others, but they are still my favorites. Go forth and continue to create.


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    I see the vortex that is in the title but I'm having trouble connecting the rest of the pieces into a common theme.

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    Thanks for the response. I kind of like this but as Werner says, there is no good connection between the elements, maybe this is what makes it visually interesting? Maybe this is what makes it a flop... In any case, my quest goes on.

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    I see it much like Phil - for me, art basically has no limits on what is allowed to be done, except maybe by laws or the artist's morals. In Germany we have a very well-known saying for that: "Ist das Kunst, oder kann das weg?", which can be translated to "Is that art or can we throw it away?", and I guess that pretty much sums it up. It's all about perception & interpretation, and different people perceive & interprete things differently.

    In "classic" photography or painting, you also have some kind of objective assessment like the technical aspects, plus the emotional and subjective perception of the viewer. And I think the latter one weighs far more than the former. That is why technically bad holiday snapshots work for yourself and the people that have been on the same vacation with you - because a strong emotion, or memory is attached to it. Other people don't have the emotional attachment and tend to rate it more based on the technical aspects, which might or might not work for them. That doesn't mean for me a technically bad or imperfect photograph cannot trigger strong emotions and perception (in fact, I think the most famous and highest rated photographs even are technically "bad" by today's standards).

    And now as for abstract work such as this, I think it becomes very difficult. Phil has summed it up correctly. To cite him: "If you like what you create, then your main goal has been met". Please keep on going on your journeys. Don't set yourself any artificial limits.

    That all being said, let me add that your work is very inspiring to me. I admire your work and the courage you show in going new, unusual ways.

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    The effects are interesting, but I'm not too crazy about the composition--the spiral ends up too centered and there's not enough happening in the left. Now I realize it's weird to say that not enough is happening, given all the colors and textures, but I'd still crop this some.

    As to the more general question, I suppose it's your own choice and you will evolve your own standards and style as you gain more experience. As a general rule, I think you'll get better results if you have something specific in mind at the outset rather than just randomly throw stuff together. But you shouldn't shy away from experimentation--that's how you learn what works and what doesn't.

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    Thank you all, I agree that art is subjective and it is successful if it's able to generate an emotion in the viewer. I think it is also about experimentation and exploring new things, I suppose this attempt falls in that category, while it may not be a keeper, I learned something. Thanks for the encouragement.

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    Its incredible! Only thing is that the color tones seem bit depressed to me.......maybe you can create a version for people who like brightly lively tones! Cheers Cristobal!

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    I agree, it looks dull. I might try to liven it up, but i think I should try different things too.

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