SmugMug iOS App: suddenly lost site/folder passwords and cache

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SmugMug iOS App (version 3.4.6) is suddenly forgetting the following data:
- site viewing password
- folder password
- all offline image data
- offline album settings

This is very annoying, because the passwords are difficult to remember. Imagine your favorite E-Mail App would loose your password and cached emails suddenly. Would you be happy with that?

Furthermore it is cumbersome to turn on offline mode again for these many albums. Unfortunately it is impossible to set offline mode for a folder and everything the folder contains (filed a feature request for the SmugMug iOS App).

I don't know exactly for what reason the SmugMug iOS App is forgetting the above mentioned data. It's not only after an iOS upgrade. It is happening suddenly for no reason visible to me. Maybe after changes in your cloud setup?

Anyway, please improve your iOS App so it will never forget the above mentioned data. I see that problem again and again after some weeks at three iOS devices having plenty of free memory.


  • leftquarkleftquark SmugMug Product Team Posts: 3,643Administrators, Vanilla Admin, SmugMug Product Team SmugMug Employee

    Hi Martin,
    We’ve heard a few other reports of the offline content getting lost but so far nobody has been able to provide us with some clarifying details. I’d love it if you could help us out a little more...

    1) for passwords, are you trying to access your own photos or someone else’s? As an owner you should never be prompted for passwords.

    2) for offline content, when you say “forgotten” - what exactly do you mean. If you’re in airplane mode or without internet the photos don’t load? There’s no offline icon underneath the thumbnails? The gallery is no longer set to be accessible offline (it should have green text if it’s still on).

    3) for “offline settings” could you elaborate on what you mean by this? We don’t currently have a feature that saves settings offline.

    4) for offline photos, how recently did you confirm that the photos were available offline for that device? I’ve noticed when I upgrade devices I have to go back to the gallery for them to “download”, but once I’ve done that, they’ve always been available.

    5) for offline photos, did you update or replace any of the the photos recently?

    6) could you share more details about your devices? Which ones, the operating system AJ’s how much free memory you have, and how much offlinencontent you have (the SmugMug settings should show you) (I know you said you had plenty but a few more details may help. I also know you said you were using 3.4.6 of the app).

    For what it’d worth, I have several gigabytes marked offline on both my personal and test devices and I haven’t seen them lose their offline. It’s one of the most useful features of the app and I’d love to make sure it’s working properly.

    (Nothing on the servers should be impacting the feature. Offline content is stored locally on the device and our servers aren’t aware of that)

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  • Martin1Martin1 Posts: 4Registered Users Big grins
    Hi Aaron,

    thanks for the fast and detailed reply. I'll do my best to provide further clarification and details.
    I'm *not* logged in at the SmugMug iOS app. I'm *following* myself or my friends are *following* me without being logged in at the SmugMug iOS app. My site is protected by a "Site Viewing Password". And one folder is protected by a "Folder Password".
    (I know there are other ways to control sharing but this is not the topic here.)
    When user wants to access the site he is following, he is asked for the "Site Viewing Password". This should happen only the first time, after the app is installed fresh or the device is wiped or the cache is cleared using the button in the app settings. But in our case the prompt for the "Site Viewing Password" shows up again suddenly after some weeks. Don't know why.

    At the same time the "Available offline content" is lost, saying 0 MB. I can see this in the Settings dialog of the App. But nobody pressed the button to Clear the Cache in the settings dialog. It happens suddenly for no obvious reason.

    When user types the "Site viewing password" again, he can see the folders. Afterwords the prompt for folder password has to be answered again.
    Now user can enter the folder and the albums in it. The setting "Access These Photos Offline" for the albums is no longer green. It had been green before.

    3) "Offline setting" is my not very exact wording. The setting "Access These Photos Offline" == "on" is stored locally at the device in my opinion for every album. This setting is lost, when the cache and the passwords are lost.

    4) The offline photos have a small checkmark symbol in the lower right corner. The offline albums have that checkmark in the upper right corner.

    5) Yes, the contents of the albums with offline checkmark are changing sometimes! (I'm using Lightroom 6.13 with Official SmugMug PublishService plugin 3.1.6 with SmartGalleries with jfriedl's MetaData-Wrangler ... and sometimes I trigger a publish.)
    Of course some photos are added, some are removed, some are modified (content or metadata). Furthermore the order of albums in a folder might change, because they are sorted by "last modified".
    Do you think all these updates could "confuse" the SmugMug iOS App caching and cause the problems? Maybe there is some correlation between certain album updates and loss of SmugMug App cache.

    6) Two iPads 2018 with 128 GB Mem, one iPhone 6 with 64 GB Mem. Problems on all these devices. The iPads have 100 GB free memory. SumMug App available offline content at iPad currently is 3,09GB for 3947 photos in 14 albums.

    I'd love it too if issue could be found and fixed. Don't hesitate to ask further questions. Is there some hidden debug logging mode I could turn on in the app?
  • leftquarkleftquark SmugMug Product Team Posts: 3,643Administrators, Vanilla Admin, SmugMug Product Team SmugMug Employee

    Thanks for the super detailed response @Martin1! This will be super helpful as we try to reproduce the issue. It's especially handy for me to know that the app is actually losing the setting (not just the photos). Having the gallery appear as if it was never marked for Offline sounds like it might lead us to the resolution. I'm passing along to the team now!

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