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GobaeGobae Big grinsNY, USAPosts: 3Registered Users Big grins
Include a real blogging option or at least let us be able to create page templates so we can make our own daily blogs with ease.


  • naomimayanaomimaya Big grins SpainPosts: 21Registered Users Big grins

    Yes, please! This would be great ;)

  • David_S85David_S85 Spotter of Dgrin Spam and Oddities ChicagolandPosts: 12,392Administrators moderator

    Lots of us have been asking for this SM feature for many years.

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  • RonvanderPlasRonvanderPlas Big grins NederlandsPosts: 15Registered Users Big grins
    Yes please. Or have an option to copy a page.
  • Giovanni_BertagnaGiovanni_Bertagna Big grins Pietrasanta (LU) ItalyPosts: 17Registered Users Big grins

    Yes, I am also waiting for the blog.
    So I close with WordPress ;-)

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  • rainforest1155rainforest1155 SmugMug Support Hero Posts: 4,499Registered Users Major grins

    @RonvanderPlas said:
    Yes please. Or have an option to copy a page.

    If you contact us SmugMug Support Heroes, we'll be able to copy pages for you.

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  • wastedimageswastedimages Beginner grinner UKPosts: 1Registered Users Beginner grinner
    Is there a plan for a gallery/blogging template? This is becoming a dealbreaker for me, as it is something Im looking to do, and none of your templates seem to fit...
  • gabyvicentegabyvicente Beginner grinner argentinaPosts: 1Registered Users Beginner grinner
    Yes, please!!!! And have an option to copy a page without having to contact smugmug support each time needed. Let us do it.
  • picsbydarahpicsbydarah Big grins Fort Collins, COPosts: 12Registered Users Big grins
    edited August 23, 2019

    Smugmug Customers: "Hey, Smugmug Developers! Can you add a blog feature, and a functional text editor, or an HTML editor that displays code properly, please!"
    Smugmug: Crickets.....
    Smugmug Customers: "Uh... did you see the request that all of the "millions and billions of customers" of yours requested?"
    Smugmug: **.....More Crickets
    **Smugmug Customers:
    "Hello? Is this thing even on?"
    Smugmug: "Guise! Great news about our features! We added a new button on the lightbox! Our developers have been extremely busy writing an entire line of code to make the lightbox more........"
    Smugmug Customers: "That's great, Smugmug! We're all so thrilled to have a new feature that nobody asked for!"

    Seriously Smugmug, get it together. Either get your CEO, customer service people and developers together in a room to add these to your non-existent Jira board and promptly complete the tasks so you can wipe them off the board or expect people to start publicly shaming your service more and more. I used to spend forever trying to figure out why the text editor wasn't working and trying to work around its glitches. And now I spend more time deleting the annoying automatic closing brackets from the HTML editor than actually getting anything accomplished. When you do a Google search for "Smugmug vs." there are some extremely negating articles written about you. Bro, do you even SEO? How are you going to try and teach your customers about SEO when you clearly aren't even managing your own SEO?

    So, I figured instead of wasting all of this time trying to customize my annoying Smugmug site, I may as well do something useful...

    ...Like setting up my own WordPress server and getting ready to import all of my content from Smugmug to WordPress and getting rid of y'all after six years as a loyal customer. It is unacceptable that you have been ignoring two of the most frequently requested features from your customers, and that you refuse to fix your text editor.

    Being someone who works in the dev field, I have to say - your software is becoming an exceptionally sad excuse for a SaaS. Sadly I wasn't a developer 6 years ago, or I would have immediately gone with WordPress and avoided ever getting in up to my ears with Smugmug.

  • britlandscapesbritlandscapes Big grins United KingdomPosts: 8Registered Users Big grins
    Yes please I am currently finishing my Smug Mug website which I am quite happy with but I am having to use Wordpress for my blog and maybe having to pay someone to match them up so the link looks seamless.
  • PJPhotoPJPhoto Big grins UKPosts: 15Registered Users Big grins

    I too would love a blog site. Appreciate you can fake it by redirecting visitors elsewhere but I'd love it to all be self-contained within Smugmug.

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